Penile trauma

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Penile trauma

Amputation of the penis due to voiding on electric current wire


Three fingers of the left hand were amputated simultaneously


Radial forearm flap pedicle was created for phalloplasty


Neophallic reconstruction


Inlay buccal mucosa graft urethroplasty


Result after tubularized urethroplasty and ventral covering with scrotal skin flap


Appearance after penile prosthesis implantation and glanuloplasty with scrotal skin graft


Appearance after penile prosthesis implantation and glanuloplasty with scrotal skin graft




Iatrogenic penile injury

Appearance after iatrogenic injury


Appearance after iatrogenic injury


Final outcome after urethral reconstruction and urethral covering




Penile strangulation in 18-months old boy

Penile strangulation caused by mother's hair


Appearance of a strangulated penis


Appearance in adolescence after a failed surgery


Outcome after urethroplasty, glans and penile skin reconstruction




Self-amputation of the penis in a 16-year-old patient

Penile body is missing


Phallus is created using musculocutaneus latissimus dorsi flap phalloplasty


Two years after implantation of inflatable penile prosthesis


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