Professor Djordjevic - surgeon and scientist

Watch a video about professor Djordfjevic, surgeon and scientist, one of the creative ambassadors of Republic of Serbia

Interview with professor Djordjevic about penile transplantation

An interview with professor Djordjevic about penile transplantation, on Serbian TV!

Professor Djordjevic as a TV guest

Watch Professor Djordjevic's guest appearance on Serbian TV.

One-stage metoidioplasty video in Urology Times

The one-stage metoidioplasty performed by professor Djordjevic in Urology Times - watch here!

A new videos about Belgrade Center

Watch a new video in German.


Watch a new video in French.

Single stage metoidioplasty

Watch a single stage metoidioplasty performed by Professor Djordjevic.

One stage metoidioplasty

A video from our patient.

TV Interview with Professor Miroslav Djordjevic


Watch a TV interview with Professor Miroslav Djordjevic....

Professor Miroslav Djordjevic in a TV show about transsexualism, on VICE



A new TV report about Belgrade Center for Genital Reconstructive Surgery


New TV report about Professor Djordjevic work and experience of transsexuals from Belgrade (Croatian TV Channel)...


Interview with Dr Miroslav Djordjevic


Watch the interview with Dr Miroslav Djordjevic on RTS National Television (in Serbian)...

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